Annabel Wilkes - Artist / Printmaker & Tutor in St Ives, Cornwall

My inspiration

As a practising printmaker, living in Cornwall has a massive impact on my work on an everyday basis. I love using raw materials that I find within the stunning countryside and on the coast around Cornwall which provide me with the tools for creating unique collograph prints. The ever changing colours and light found in the landscapes and seascapes inspire my use of colour when mixing up inks. Being surrounded by the elemental forces in Cornwall, I try to capture and interpret the weathered state of forms that intrigue me.  This, I find furthers my passion to consistently produce work allowing the plates to evolve as I work.

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Aerial Cove

My Practice and process

I concentrate on the process of collograph printing. This is an extremely versatile way of printing involving preparing a plate using a range of materials such as tile adhesive, ripped card, PVA, masking tape and other collected materials. Collograph plates are printed similarly to etching. Ink is deposited into all the areas of the plate as an intaglio process then excess ink is removed carefully afterwards, leaving it only within the recesses. An extra layer of colour can be applied with a lighter tone by rolling ink over the surface of the plate (relief printing). This gives an  effect which pulls the image out so that it creates contrast and depth. I also practise viscosity printing which involves layers of inks with varying viscosity which are rolled over the intaglio inked plate. This allows different colours to be revealed in separate areas as the layers of colours of varying viscosities will not mix. This effect is extraordinary and incredibly effective.

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